About the Developing Women’s Leadership – Around the Globe Project

The intention of this Project is to empower women around the globe

  • to appreciate their skills,
  • to value the contributions they make to their communities, and
  • to expand their influence and impact.”

Women around the globe are leading change in their towns, villages, and cities.  Their powerful impact will not only benefit their local communities, but the larger global community as well.  The need and the opportunity has never been greater to support and nurture leadership.  By tapping into women’s insight and wisdom from different cultures, and creating a strong network across cultures, the Project nourishes and amplifies collective impact.

Barbara Spraker, faculty member in the Center for Creative Change and a Kitchen Cabinet (advisory board) of Antioch University alumnae including Roslyn Ericksen, Jennifer Etchison, Pat Hughes, Laura Vieth, Kathleen Swirski, Wendi Walsh, and Graduate Assistant Nicole Theberge, are directing the “Developing Women’s Leadership ~ Around the Globe” project.

Local women leaders in Ethiopia, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Vietnam, Muckleshoot Nation, and at Antioch University Seattle. are participating in the Project.   A Women’s Leadership Capacity Building Guide   incorporates information from local women’s Conversations in each of these locations.  A  Women’s Leadership Summit, in which these women participate, takes place on the AUS campus in September 28-29, 2013.

These local women leaders, the Country Conveners, convene a Conversation Circle of 6 – 10 women in their village or city who are interested in enhancing their leadership competence.  The Conveners facilitate two “Conversations” with these women – creating a safe space to talk about what really matters to them. The focus of the first Conversation is to talk together about ways they are contributing to their communities, about leadership abilities they have developed and wish to develop.  Information from these sessions comes to the Kitchen Cabinet to be compiled and studied, and out of it all a workbook, Developing Women’s Leadership:  A Capacity Building Guide  will be developed and sent out to each group. The workbook can be used by individual women or small groups of women to increase their competence and confidence as leaders.

The Country Convener will call the original group together for the second “Conversation” to receive this Capacity Building Guide and to discuss ways they can use it to enhance their influence and impact as leaders.

The intention of this action research approach, is that the women who participate in these Conversations will experience being heard and will see themselves as part of a global energy field of solidarity, as women world wide are stepping up to lead change where they see a need. The Guide will include a variety of development strategies, exercises, activities, and stories that will be gleaned from the information provided by the participants and the Kitchen Cabinet.

The Women’s Leadership Summit, September 28 – 29, 2013 will be a gathering of 100 women who are passionate about developing women’s leadership – around the globe.  The vision of this event is not a Conference where one might drop in for a session or two, rather it will be a cohesive, community building experience for women who care deeply about this topic – alumnae, students, local women in our larger community and the Country Conveners from Uganda, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Vietnam, Muckleshoot Nation and Antioch University Seattle.

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